Tea today

This year has been a tough year for many of us. My year.. 2020, has seen death, pandemic, financial loss, civil unrest, and my own personal heath issues. Each of us has had a personal story in these past months. This time has affected us all. Some good, some not so good. Either way, how you feel matters.
I personally have felt very overwhelmed at times by these past months. But then I tell myself, everyone else is going through this too, so stop complaining… This is true.  But what you feel is also true. Let’s not belittle how you or someone else may feel. It is all valid. Sharing each other’s burdens is part of being a community.
The wonderful thing about a tea room is this is what people come to do. Friends coming together, sharing a pot of tea , and sharing each other’s burdens.
The first week we had reopened I had a reservation where these dear friends had not seen each other for 3 months. The tea room was the place they chose to celebrate being reunited. This warmed my heart for sure! Come, share a pot of tea, and share your burdens with us. We are all in this together!

A New Year!

A New Year! Welcome 2019!

A time of reflection of the past and making new goals for the future! I write this mid February as I watch it snow out my window. I might be a little late for the New Years post. But really I don’t think it’s ever too late to make goals for the future! My goals for this year are simple. To offer a place for people to come, have fabulous food,  great service and leave with a smile! I hope for your visit to be memorable in a good way.  I love bringing friends together for a extended visit over a pot of tea. I love having families come in and watch their delight as their younger generation get excited over a tea party! I love the connection I can have with our more frequent patrons. What a delight!

I hear everyday, “I feel so relaxed when I come here”!

I do hope to see you again soon. And that you will continue to frequent our special little tea room. I hear everyday, “I feel so relaxed when I come here”!  Cheers to that! Relax and regenerate. Whether alone or with someone special, the tea room is always a place for relaxing with that favorite cuppa tea!

-Jenni (owner)

Seasons Change

The season has changed and I love it! For now anyway😊. I might change my mind when it gets 10 degrees colder and the wind is blowing so hard that the rain is sideways. But for now, I will bask in the fall sunshine and wonder at the colors of the changing leaves. A hot cup of tea seems so appropriate now!  I have a fondness for a hot cuppa (as I should since I own a tea room). My hot cup with my hands wrapped around, smelling the aroma of one of my many favorite teas. I feel warmth inside. Not just the physical warmth, but an emotional warmth that tea seems to release. Fond memories of sipping tea with my mom around my grandma’s kitchen table. What does a hot cup of tea in your favorite cup mean to you?5A223D7E-74EF-40C1-84FB-36708BC3F468