Seasons Change

The season has changed and I love it! For now anyway😊. I might change my mind when it gets 10 degrees colder and the wind is blowing so hard that the rain is sideways. But for now, I will bask in the fall sunshine and wonder at the colors of the changing leaves. A hot cup of tea seems so appropriate now!  I have a fondness for a hot cuppa (as I should since I own a tea room). My hot cup with my hands wrapped around, smelling the aroma of one of my many favorite teas. I feel warmth inside. Not just the physical warmth, but an emotional warmth that tea seems to release. Fond memories of sipping tea with my mom around my grandma’s kitchen table. What does a hot cup of tea in your favorite cup mean to you?5A223D7E-74EF-40C1-84FB-36708BC3F468

2 Comments on “Seasons Change”

  1. This is such a charming Tea Room. The food is so good and the owner could not be nicer. The service is great and the atmospaher is relaxed and lovely. I will go again and again even though it is an hour drive.


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